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We are the tech agency that help you realize your digital vision. By guiding you to the right techical decisions, smart strategic choices and user friendly design we will together take the leap from idea to launched product. We simplify tech - that's what we stand for. We were founded 2018 and have since then gathered more than 30 employees and have together completed more than 200 successful projects.

Our history

From student startup to multi million revenue

qte was founded during spring 2018 by three students in civil engineering at LTH and KTH with the purpose to simplify digital projects. Development is our passion and we are dedicated to making it possible for all actors and businesses to join in on the digitalization process. Since day one we have been focused on the long term and have expanded the company rapidly without external financing. In four years we have gone from three to 30 full time employees in the team.

Our future

Looking to the future

Moving forward qte is focused on expansion. We plan to further develop the project and consulting sides of the company. In order to do this we will continue to focus on finding passionate coworkers that are eager to contribute to simplifying tech as well as the digitalization journey of our customers.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a hub for competency and passionate people in order to enable digitalization in the society.

By gathering passionate people under the same roof we create a hub where new creative solutions can come to life every day. With motivated coworkers we create a warm and encouraging atmosphere where everyone contributes to each others development. We put an emphasis on development through taking on challenges and it makes qte a place where knowledge thrives and grows. With passionate coworkers that have the right competencies our goal is to become a leading tech agency that creates smart solutions that facilitate daily life in our society.

Do you want to know more?

Do you need someone to guide you in the digital world? We are happy to answer your questions, guide you or tell you more about how we work. Send us an email and we will get back to you shortly!

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