Alexander White


Alexander White

Our job:

UI design, UX design, illustrations, web development, integration of real estate system

Alexander White lets the images speak for themselves

The real estate agency Alexander White wanted to give their website a facelift with a new design that could better illustrate their distinct position in Stockholms housing market. With beautiful homes for sale it was a given that the images would be front and center in the design. Along with the custom-made illustrations an elegant website was brought to life framing the properties as the focal point. In order to make the website a useful tool in the day to day operations of the brokers it was important to fluidly integrate it with the real estate system Vitec. By solving this it allowed information about a property on the website to be automatically updated when edited in Vitec avoiding the issue of brokers having to do the same job twice.

Alexander White


After comparing different directions and ideas for the design we ended up with this minimalist grey and beige that allows the images to catch the viewers attention. The thin lines in the logo inspired us to use lines as a theme throughout the design. It can be seen in the buttons, menu, forms and as a decorative detail. On top of that we created various illustrations to relay Alexander White’s message.

Integration with a real estate system

What made this website stick out with regards to difficulty was the integration of an external system that the agency uses for their property management. In the system properties are registered and information is stored. The properties are then published automatically on their website and updated as new bids come in or the sale is made. This allows the agents to skip the step of editing the website directly, and simply use the system they are familiar with and let our integrated system do the work for them!

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