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Custom-made site for custom-made furniture

If you stayed at a hotel in Sweden the last few years you've probably already tried a chair made by deNONA. The custom-made furniture happens to be one of the most popular choices amongst hotels, as well as restaurants and design aficionados. When deNONA reached out to us they were hoping to find a new modern look for their website and they wanted it to become a tool for daily use to increase their digital presence. They wanted the website to always feel always feel sharp and up to date. Therefore it was important to build a flexible site that could be easily navigated and edited to keep up with the times.


We wanted to recreate the impression of an elegant magazine when we created this design. In order to achieve that we chose to use a light beige background across the site that evokes the paper a magazine is printed on. The offbeat choice to to not let the content span all the way to the edges makes the design cohesive and elicits the idea that everything is written on the same beige paper.

We let the beautiful images dominate to keep the user focused on the furniture. The rectangular shape of the product cards inspired the rest of the design so the white box is a repetitive element in the site. The white boxes, the many images and the fact that the content stays within the margins are the red threads that keeps everything together.


In order to create a website that is simple enough for the customer to edit on their own the obvious solution was to build the site using flexible sections. With a library of standalone sections deNONA can easily change the content of their pages at their leisure.

The website uses WordPress as an editing system and we created a custom-made theme with flexible sections to fulfill all the needs that deNONA expressed. The site is also prepared for e-commerce for private customers using WooCommerce as the e-commerce solution.

In order to populate the new site with all their products we prepared a smart solution which imports the products automatically from the old website. That way deNONA could avoid the hassle of manually creating all the products again.

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