Our job:

UI design, UX design, web development, image bank

Cutting edge design for a cutting edge agency

The PR agency Vass launched a new graphic profile and we got tasked with applying it to their new website. Bold colors, a unique pattern and sharp edges became the theme of the website that we designed and developed.

Parallel to the website development we created an image bank where relevant media actors can find info about the products and companies represented by the agency.


Together with the client we canvassed their objectives and gathered inspiration for how to design the site. Then we worked through several rounds of design drafts during which the client had the opportunity to give feedback until we struck the right chord: a confident but warm impression where the agency's cases get to stand in the spotlight.

Our designer was inspired by the edgy shapes of the logo and chose to use the oblique edges of the S’s as a common theme. It was used as a divider between sections, below links and as a flickering effect on top of images and videos. In addition, there was already an icon with two horizontal S’s that made the perfect unique “hamburger menu”.

We worked a lot with small, subtle details on this website. Colors are shifting, lines are moving. If you look close enough you'll see that every page has its own color, most notably seen in hover effects and small details.

Digital showroom

With many brands under their umbrella Vass needed a system to show all the products in an inspiring way. In the image bank that we built, called the digital showroom, media actors can access information about the products, download press images and make requests to try a product.

Curious to know more?

We have worked with everything from tutoring to sports cars, so we probably have experience within your industry as well. Have a look at more of our cases or reach out if you want to find out more about what we can achieve together.