Our job:

Tech team, system

Our tech-team facilitates vital deliveries

Shipping immensely expensive paintings across the globe or delivering vital organs between hospitals presents a unique set of challenges. Sometimes a certain temperature needs to be maintained throughout the delivery, an object can be too bulky to be delivered in a normal car and sometimes the delivery needs to be made asap. When YSDS came to us they were in need of a tailored solution to provide for their customers needs.

The task

Our task for YSDS involves providing their CTO with a flexible and agile tech team ready to face any and all technical challenges. Together the team is responsible for the company's technical platforms and system, as well as further development of the product.

The team

To carry out the task we chose to put together a team of four developers. One of them had prior experience as a consultant for YSDS and became the tech lead for the project together with three more fullstack developers. Our tech teams are always flexibel and put together based on the needs of the specific customer. We can quickly adapt the teams size depending on the extent of the project and, for example, include a designer in the early stages of a project to then only have developers actively working.

Working with a tech-team

As our teams are used to working together and use well thought out processes, they can swiftly produce results. With the overview of the CTO from YSDS, the customer can always keep a close eye on what work is being done and the team cooperates daily with check-ins and show & tells.

As a logtech-company YSDS works within a sector that for the past few years has been expanding and changing quickly. As we aim to challenge the logistics industry it is critical for us to find a partner that

shares our values


fleet-footed ways of working.

qte doesn't only share our values but shows a dedication that neither starts or ends during office hours. Together we have a close-knit cooperation in which we work as one. Our work

builds off of our shared passion

– to offer innovative solutions focused on the people using them.”

Johan Andersson, YSDS

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We have worked with everything from tutoring to sports cars, so we probably have experience within your industry as well. Have a look at more of our cases or reach out if you want to find out more about what we can achieve together.