App development

App development is quite a broad term but don’t worry, with our experience we’ll be your guide through the process! We deal with three types of apps: native (for iOS & Android), progressive web apps (PWA) or hybrid apps. We will help you find the right path for you to meet your goals as well as the needs of your users.


UI/UX design




Native or web app?

Choosing between building a native app (for smartphones) or a web app (PWA) is not always so simple. In order to make the right decision it is important to recognize the needs of the users, the purpose of the app and the advantages and disadvantages of the different options. This is where we guide you to the right choice for your project!

Hybrid app

Sometimes it is hard to choose between a web app and a native app. If the needs of your users are very complex the right solution could be to create both a web and a native app – a hybrid app! By developing in modern frameworks we can create a combined solution: a codebase for both the web and mobile components of the app.

Custom-made design

Good tech should also be good looking tech. No matter how smart and functional your app is, it won't go far without great design. The design is what makes sure you give the right impression and design makes your product feel like you. That's why we start every project with a blank canvas and create a design that is tailored for you and the needs of your app.

UX and behavioral analysis

Design is more than just decoration. Design is also about making strategic choices and creating a layout and flow that facilitates the experience of the user. The design of your app guides the user and also guides the functionality of the app. We have a reliable UX process to help you get to know your users and their needs in depth before you start your project.

App Store & Google Play

In order to launch a native app for smartphones it needs to be accessible in App Store and Google Play. We help you with the process of registering the app and making sure it fulfills the necessary requirements.


We help you choose a suitable hosting provider. Or you can have us host the app for you. With direct access to the source code and servers we can address any issue or ideas for changes you might have.


When you have new ideas and want to further develop your app we are at your service. We offer support and quick help after the first release and with a maintenance agreement you have guaranteed hours at your disposal each month to be used as you wish.


Either we settle for a simple app that fills your needs, or we can use smart methods and processes to bring it to the next level. We have a wide range of competencies to draw from within app development and can help you with whatever you might need. Here is a selection of what we offer:


api management


clickable mockup

cloud storage

continuous deployment (CD)

continuous integration (CI)






project management

requirements management


ui design

user tests

ux design


Do you want to know more?

Do you need someone to guide you in the digital world? We are happy to answer your questions, guide you or tell you more about how we work. Send us an email and we will get back to you shortly!

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