UI/UX design

No matter how smart and functional your app is, it won't go far without great design. The design is what makes sure you give the right impression and makes your product feel like you and your company. When we create a design at qte we do it from scratch. Based on your product and the needs of its users we create a custom-made meticulously planned design that is both easy to use and easy on the eyes.

UI design

UX design

UX design

When we talk about UX design we are referring to the end-users experience of the product. To create the best UX possible we need to take a step back before throwing ourselves over the drawing board. To begin we map out the needs of the users and let that dictate how we shape the product. To make the product easy and intuitive to navigate, we plan how the pages should be structured with flowcharts and wireframes. An important part of UX design is continuous testing with users in order to identify potential issues as early as possible in the process. That way you can quickly progress in order to build a product that is received as quick, easy and intuitive to use.

UI design

Once there is a clear outline of what needs to be visualized our UI designers get to work. This is where colors and shapes come to life and the product is dressed in the uniform of the company. Our designers are used to work with a graphic profile but can also create a brand-new visual identity for the product if requested. When we design we always do it completely from scratch so you get a product that is 100% custom-made for you.

You’re part of the process

During the design process we work closely with our customers and have frequent check ins to keep each other up to date and exchange feedback. Our customers have access to the files the designer is working in so they can follow the development in real time and leave their comments right in the design program.


A design process can vary a lot in extent depending on the product that is being created. We have the possibility to scale our process up and down to adapt it to the specific project. Here are some of the competencies we offer within UI and UX design:



Clickable mockup





User tests


Have a look at our previous cases

We have worked with everything from tutoring to sports cars, so we probably have experience within your industry as well. Have a look at some of our cases or reach out if you want to find out more about what we can achieve together.

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