Web development

When you create a new website with qte you get a completely custom-made solution. After doing a deep dive in your wants and needs we create a design from scratch and build it in the way that best suits your product. We are by your side every step of the way from first sketches to launch and we are happy to extend the partnership long term from there.


UI/UX design



Did anyone say JavaScript?

We tend to choose a JavaScript solution when we develop new web projects. The benefits are that it is quick, smooth and flexible. We have solid experience working with Gatsby, React and different types of headless CMS.


Do you want to monetize your website? We can help you develop an online shop. Together we’ll create a strategy and architecture that matches your goals. We will also help you integrate solutions such as payment and shipping so you have everything you need to succeed with your digital business.

Technical SEO

Many important aspects of SEO are addressed during the development of the site. At qte we develop with SEO in mind so you will already receive the basic technical optimization automatically. The other key to SEO is about optimizing texts for the keywords you want to be associated with. If you need help to write search engine optimized texts we can recommend experts that will assist you with the finer details.

Custom-made design

Good tech should also be good looking tech. No matter how smart and functional your website is, it won't go far without great design. The design is what makes sure you give the right impression and design makes your product feel like you. That's why we start every project with a blank canvas and create a design that is tailored for you and the needs of your website.

UX and behavioral analysis

Design is more than just decoration. Design is also about making strategic choices and creating a layout and flow that facilitates the experience of the user. The design of your website guides the user and also guides the functionality of the website. We have a reliable UX process to help you get to know your users and their needs in depth before you start your project.


We help you choose a suitable hosting provider. Or you can have us host the site for you. With direct access to the source code and servers we can address any issue or ideas for changes you might have.

“Will it work on mobile?”

YES! This shouldn't be a question anymore because it is a given to build sites in that way today. But we get the question every now and then and the fact is that a non responsive website is a common reason to remake a website. When you create a website with us you can feel safe knowing that we make responsive websites that adapt to all different screen sizes.


When you have new ideas and want to further develop your website we are at your service. We offer support and quick help after the site is released and with a maintenance agreement you have guaranteed hours at your disposal each month to be used as you wish.


Either we settle for a simple site that fills your needs, or we can use smart methods and processes to bring it to the next level. We have a wide range of competencies to draw from within web development and can help you with whatever you might need. Here is a selection of what we can offer within web development:


api management



Data analysis

digital strategy



headless cms



Payment solutions

project management

requirements management





ui design

User tests





Have a look at our previous web cases

We have worked with everything from tutoring to sports cars, so we probably have experience within your industry as well. Have a look at more of our cases or reach out if you want to find out more about what we can achieve together.

Do you want to know more?

Do you need someone to guide you in the digital world? We are happy to answer your questions, guide you or tell you more about how we work. Send us an email and we will get back to you shortly!

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